Film: Kodak EKTAR 100

Maybe I have a hoarding disorder but I just like to think that my house is tiny. Anyway, I have storage where I keep stuff that I don’t need every day. A few months ago I was cleaning up and reorganizing the place and found my very first camera: an analog Canon Prima Supershot that I got for my 16th or something birthday.

I was about to spend a weekend in Switzerland and thought it would be the perfect occasion to bring my good old buddy with me. Little did I know…


We had brunch on Schilthorn, once featured in a James Bond movie. We, did a little walk after, enjoyed the magnificent views and took the gondola back down. And there it happened. The strap slipped from my shoulder and the camera fell on the ground. It opened up in places where it’s not supposed to. I tried to put the back and front together and it did click back, but the lens didn’t slide out anymore.

Broken. Over and done with. Kaputt as they say in Switzerland. 

I tried to let it fixed but they all said it wasn’t worth the money. Total loss.

Let’s say it was a short reunion…