hues of highland’s fall

Venturing into the Scottish Highlands during the vibrant hues of fall is like stepping into a canvas painted by nature herself. It’s a destination often associated with retirees, but we opted to buck tradition…

Our journey began with a short flight from Amsterdam to Inverness, where we picked up a rental car. Our goal? To get a glimpse of the rugged beauty of the Highlands, with a tidbit of hope of to squeeze in a visit to the magical Isle of Skye.

From the moment we set foot on the mist-kissed soil, we were captivated. Yes, the rain greeted us on occasion, but that only added authenticity to the Scottish experience. But when the clouds parted, revealing a sun-drenched landscape, we felt as though we had stumbled upon a hidden paradise. The autumn palette was a feast for the eyes. With lush greens, fiery yellows, and rich oranges adorning the landscape in a breathtaking display. As we navigated the winding roads that meandered through the Highlands, each twist and turn unveiled a new vista more awe-inspiring than the last.

Nestled among the rolling hills were villages with whitewashed cottages straight out of a postcard. And what better way to refuel after a day of adventure than with a hearty serving of fish and chips at a cozy local pub. 

In the end, our journey reaffirmed the notion that sometimes, waiting until later in life might mean missing out on the magic of now…

October/November 2023