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from antique finds to sacred temples


My name is Remon Rijper, a director and video editor based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. 

Ending up working as a director and video editor was never a big surprise. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with cameras and the way you can use them to tell a story. At family events, I was always the guy behind the video camera. And I’d spend hours afterwards editing the material and adding music.

But it’s been fairly recent that I’ve started getting interested in still images. There’s something about photography that forces you to look at the world differently. Partly, that’s due to the fact that you can’t take three minutes or a half hour to tell a story. You have to do it in a single moment. It forces you to make choices about what you want to show and what you think is important in a visual story. Sometimes, a shot taken in a single moment in time can say more than 30 minutes of film.

The combination of photography and travel seems like such an obvious one to me. When I travel, I often just want to take a moment home with me. The whole thing: sounds, colors, smells, light – all of it. Though I’d love to bring it all back with me, luggage space can be a bit tight, so I capture memories through my lense instead. I’ve found that taking a good photo seems to jog the memory in a way that brings all of those fragments of memory just a little closer.

Wherever I go, I’m most interested in people. How they live, what their culture is like, what their daily habits are – I just get absorbed by imagining what it’s like to live like they do. Photographing them presents an extra challenge: to get them to act naturally while you point your camera at them.

This website is my way of sharing the adventures and stories I’ve stumbled upon along the way.

My photos have been published in Columbus Magazine and Holland Herald. They have also been featured in an advertising campaign for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines appearing on TV, in cinemas and online.

All of my work is available for print. Feel free to send me a message, and we can discuss options that suit your needs.



Analog adventures: a journey back to photography’s roots.