Switzerland has a big plus. It’s not because they have it in their flag. It’s not because the prices are higher than home – well, they sure are. Unless you live in Norway. No, it’s the view on epic mountain backdrops, stunning mirror lakes and impressive waterfalls that give this country its big plus. And the good news: they are totally free.⁠

Although Switzerland is tiny – you can drive from east to west in just a few hours – it’s never crowded. Only if you don’t mind the goats and cows that greet you with the jolly sound of clinging bells that hang around their neck. 


There are many trails to explore: after every mountain range lies another one. The one more beautiful than the other. And making this country one of Mother Earth’s gems. 

And if you’re fed up of nature, there are cool cities to discover. Like Zürich: where you can plunge into the lake or river after a day of sightseeing. The Swiss know how to mix business with pleasure!