I directed a Dutch TV-show called “De Panamericana Road Trip”, in which a bunch of Volvo enthusiasts shipped their classic Volvo to Buenos Aires and started a 16,000 kilometer long road trip all the way through South America.

In six weeks, they drove all the way from Buenos Aires in Argentina through Chili, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and finally Colombia. I went along to direct the show, and took photographs wherever I could.

What struck me most on this trip was the fact that people seem to be able to adapt to pretty much any kind of living condition. Whether you’re in Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city where the sun never sets in summer- or in the Atacama desert, the driest place in the world. Whether it’s the Altiplano, the mountain range on the border of Chili and Bolivia that’s so high that you get all kinds of screwed up from the lack of oxygen, or on Lake Titicaca: where the Uros Indians built their houses on reed rafts.

No matter the conditions: humans will always find a way to survive there. We’re everywhere.